Securing Global Transportation Networks

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  • Published : November 10, 2008
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Transportation Networks 1

Running head: Securing Global Transportation Networks

Securing Global Transportation Networks: A Total Security Management Approach

Michelle Barnes
Michael Cable
Justin Manuel
Albert Ward
Jim Yetes

East Tennessee State University

Transportation Networks 2

Securing Global Transportation Networks

Securing Global Transportation Networks is an article review on global supply chain management/ global distribution (Chapter 5. Global Logistics) that focuses mainly on Total Security Management (TSM). It discusses how critical the supply chain is to global trade and world welfare and that it is estimated that the consequences of disruption to the global supply chain, whether from terrorist or natural causes, can be in the range of hundreds of billions of dollars (Sarathy, 2007). It explains that TSM is a framework for mitigating security risks; prescribing best practices along the firm’s entire value chain (Chapter 1. Supply Chain Management) (Sarathy, 2007). It is used to help firms cope with all the possible sources of disruption that can happen in a supply chain, such as terrorist attacks and hurricanes. It also goes on to explain that TSM is broad in coverage, linking security to the entire range of value-added activities/ value added services (Chapter 3. Demand Management and Customer Service) across the supply chain (Sarathy, 2007). Aimed at both internal and external stakeholders, TSM as a common framework allows for easier collaboration among various supply chain participants and helps promote continuous improvement and innovation in enhancing security (Sarathy, 2007). In today’s global society, where everything is being traded over the internet and outsourcing and off-shoring (Chapter 5. Global Logistics) are becoming the norms; companies must concern themselves with the security practices of their partners if they hope to keep a thriving...
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