Secure Knowledge Management : Confidentiality, Trust and Privacy

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Knowledge management enhances the value of a corporation by identifying the assets and expertise as well as efficiently managing the resources. Security for knowledge management is critical as organizations have to protect their intellectual assets. Therefore, only authorized individuals must be permitted to execute various operations and functions in an organization. In this paper, secure knowledge management will be discussed, focusing on confidentiality, trust, and privacy. In particular, certain access-control techniques will be investigated, and trust management as well as privacy control for knowledge management will be explored.


KNOWLEDGE management is about corporations sharing their resources and expertise, as well as building intellectual capital so that they can increase their competitiveness.While knowledge-management practices have been around for decades, it is only with advent of the web that knowledge management has emerged as a technology area. Corporations with Intranets promote knowledge management so that the employees can learn about various advances in technology, get corporate information, and find the expertise in the corporation. Furthermore, when experts leave the corporation through retirement or otherwise, it is important to capture their knowledge and practices so that the corporation does not lose the valuable information acquired through many years of hard work .One of the challenges in knowledge management is maintaining security. Knowledge management includes many technologies such as data mining, multimedia, collaboration, and the web. Therefore, security in web data management, multimedia systems, and collaboration systems all contribute toward securing knowledge-management practices. In addition, one needs to protect the corporation’s assets such as its intellectual property. Trade secrets have to be kept highly confidential so that competitors do not have any access to it. This means one needs to enforce some form of access control such as role-based access control (RBAC), credential mechanism, and encryption. To have secure knowledge management, we need to have secure strategies, processes, and metrics. Metrics must include support for security-related information. Processes must include secure operations. Strategies must include security strategies. The creator may specify to whom the knowledge can be transferred when knowledge is created. The manager of the knowledge may enforce additional access-control techniques. Knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer operations must also enforce access control and security policies. Secure knowledge-management architecture may be built around the corporation’s Intranet. While this paper provides an overview of secure knowledge management, it focuses mainly on confidentiality, trust, and privacy aspects. Section II provides an overview of knowledge management as well as aspects of secure knowledge management. Applying various access-control policies such as RBAC and usage control (UCON) is discussed in Section III. Aspects of trust management and negotiation are discussed in Section IV. Privacy issues are discussed in Section V. The paper is concluded in Section VI. It should be noted that there are several aspects to secure knowledge management. We discuss...
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