Sector of Industries - Growth and Decline

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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The Primary Sector:

The primary sector of industry as a whole is declining. Although there are areas in which profit can be made including extraction of minerals (sand, gravel) and organic food production, there are no longer many advantages to start a new business in the sector where the output is falling down. The trend for farms like Seldom Seen Farm which produce fruits and vegetables or red meat (beef, pork, lamb) has gone down and has been replaced by fish farms and food organics farms which are much more payable. One of possible reasons of this situation are constant changes in the environment because it is difficult to predict how much will be produced at the end of the season or much more healthier style of our life. Another good example are ‘non-renewable’ products such as coal. There are left not many companies like UK Coal (the biggest Britain’s producer) which at the moment is making a loss in profits (has closed several deep mines, including Harworth Colliery, in an effort to cut costs). This is because these kind of minerals are limited in supply and eventually will be completely used up. Finding new sources become very difficult and much more expensive and this is why the United Kingdom imports a considerable amount of its non-renewable resources from different countries. Other reasons of declining in the primary sector are prices which are not stable and frequently change and small proportion of income which is spent on primary sector products, which make difficult to increase prices. The UK has a low proportion of people working in the primary industry. Only 2% of English workers are employed in this sector.

The Secondary Sector:

In the United Kingdom the secondary industry as a whole has been on decline for the last 25 years. Many manufacturing companies have relocated to the other parts of the world where the costs of manufacturing are less, so they can continue to make profits. Other examples of how they can increase...
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