Sectional Conflics in Early America

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  • Published : August 28, 2005
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The sectional conflicts within the United States affected numerous domestic polices and even caused, in part, Andrew Jackson's election. Andrew Jackson's election was greatly affected by sectional differences because he represented only a portion of the United States, yet it was the portion with a majority of Electoral College votes. The sectional differences of the United States caused a protective tariff to be levied. The Missouri compromise was also affected by the differences between various differences between the divisions of the United States. Even Texas was affected by the sectional differences of the United States. The political divisions of the United States greatly affected politics between the years of 1828-1837.

Andrew Jackson's election was caused, in part, by the sectional differences between the north and the west and south. Andrew Jackson was representative of the west and south in his virtues and views on national policy prior to entering office. He was for no tariffs and states rights in general. This meant that the majority of southern and western states supported him and allowed him to win a majority vote in the Electoral College. While his election was effected by sectional differences, his policies were not so much affected because of a rapid turn around to a federalist look of government and supporting the north in most every aspect. Andrew Jackson's election, if not presidency, was greatly affected by sectional divisions.

The Tariffs of this era are perhaps the most easily related to sectional differences. Tariffs had always been fought by the south. The south viewed tariffs as a way to tax the south because they would tax the south's imports and exports whereas little or nothing would be taxed in the north. This meant that there was an ongoing war in Congress of the sectional differences. The tariff of abominations was the boiling point for many southerners which resulted in South Carolina causing another...
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