Secrets: Guilt and Boy Remembers Moments

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  • Published : March 22, 2011
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A short story by Bernard MacLaverty called Secrets.. It explores on the way the author conveyed loss and suffering as the main themes of the story. It helps us to understand how easily life can change instantly : from possession to loss; happiness to suffering. The story Secrets. is written in a form of a flashback and as it progresses, it introduces the reader to the Story’s protagonists: Aunt Mary and .the boy. At the beginning of the story, the author introduces the dying aunt Mary and her nephew she seems distant from. The author then creates a flashback that progressively explains the reason behind the boy’s and aunt’s cold relations. The reader also discovers how the central characters were not always on distant terms, but that they used to share a very close bond. After aunt Mary dies, the boy remembers moments of childhood he shared with aunt Mary, how he betrayed her trust and how aunt Mary never forgave him. Throughout the plot of the tale, the reader is brought in to the themes of loss and suffering. In the beginning of the story, Bernard MacLaverty introduces the reader to the death of aunt Mary.

Her nephew is the only person she had a close relationship with. This shows that the boy was the one exception to her isolation. I think that aunt Mary wanted to try to finally be able to lay her trust in somebody. However, a day came when boy’s childish curiosity took over and made him uncover aunt Mary’s private correspondence that was her secret.. . Anything else, yes! That section, No! Aunt Mary’s warning shows her commitment for the privacy she treasured. She was certain that a warning would be enough to discourage her nephew from revealing her secret.. However, she was soon let down as during her absence her nephew read the majority of her private correspondence she exchanged with the man she loved. This was the secret. she protected. The boy had been caught reading her letters soon after he heard his aunt approaching “You are dirt.” she hissed,...
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