Secret Window

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Information about the film
-Summary of the filmpage 3

What is the story being told?
-Plot informationpage4
-Plot versus Storypage7

How does the film tell its story?
-Mise en scenepage7
-Camera techniquespage9

Why the film is made this way?
-Meaning behind the filmpage11

My own thoughts about the film
-My opinion and vision about the filmPage12

-Source listPage13

Information about the film
Secret Window is based on a novel written by Stephen King called; “Secret window Secret Garden.” This is a psychological thriller/ horror, the subject is dual identity. The origin of dual identity can be found in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886. Actually every story with the subject dual identity is based on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However the director of Secret Window, David Koepp, didn’t mention the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, although the subjects are the same and the origin of stories which contain dual identity, rely on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. David Koepp did a great job, with a little help of Stephen King himself after all it is his book and he has the right to give critics, in translating the book into a film.

Director Cast (Main actors):Cast (Supporting actors):
David KoeppJohnny DeppLen Cariou
Mort RaineySheriff Dave Newsome
Produced by:John TurturroJoan Heney
Gavin PoloneJohn ShooterMrs. Garvey
ProducerMaria Bello John Dunn-Hill
Ezra SwerdlowAmy RaineyTom Greenleaf
Executive ProducerTimothy HuttonVlasta Vrana
Ted MilnerFire Chief Wickersham
ScreenplayCharles S. DuttonMatt Holland
David KoeppKen KarschDetective Bradley
Gillian Ferrabee
Film EditingFran Evans
Jill Savitt Bronwen Mantel
Greta Bowie
Music Elizabeth Marleau
Philip GlassJuliet Stoker

Summary of the film
Mort Rainey is a successful writer, who is just passing through a difficult period in his life. After he caught his wife, Amy Rainey, sleeping with another man (Ted Milner) they split up and he moves away from the city to his house somewhere in the woods, in the middle of nowhere. One day a man appears knocking at his door, it’s John Shooter. John accuses Mort of plagiarism, of his story Secret Window. Although Mort thinks that things can be solved by showing John his original version which appeared in 1995, 2 years before John wrote his version. He can’t seem to be able to get his original copy in the time limit set by John. Many cruel things happen and Mort calls help in the name of Ken Karsch. This is a friend of him and he is a private detective. He tries to help Mort but can he? John wants Mort to fix the end of the story, the one that Mort copied only he ruined the ending, and that he can’t have. Things are getting worse and people are getting killed. When Mort finally knows that he is the one who did all those things, because of his dualidentity, he knows that he has to fix the ending only than in real life. He has to kill his wife (and Ted) and bury her in the garden. What is the story that’s being told?

Plot information
Aristotle’s conflict structure
In this film I separated two conflict structures. Let’s start with conflict structure number one. This is the conflict structure of Mort and John. Mort is the Protagonist and John is clearly the antagonist. The tritagonist of this conflict structure is Ken Karsch. He tries to help Mort getting rid of John, because John is stalking Mort and threatening him, and later he commits several cruel crimes. John doesn’t have a tritagonist; he is all alone and does everything by himself. John is Mort’s dark side, he is evil, but he tells the truth.

Then as I already said there is another...
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