Secret Shopper Tgifridays

Topics: Waiting staff, Busboy, Table service Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Secret shopper TGI Fridays
March 10, 2013

My boyfriend and I eat out so often that we are on a first name basis with the wait staff and most of the restaurants in town. We decided to go to some place different and finally decided on TGIFs. When we got there, I wondered why there weren’t a lot of cars in the parking lot and it didn’t appear to be busy. We weren’t even greeted properly, we had ask to sit in the bar area, and the hostess told us to go ahead and didn’t even take us there just pointed to where it was. I felt she was snotty and was put out by having to deal with customers. Her attitude was horrible. (pg38) My boyfriend and I are sports fans, that’s why we decided to sit in the bar area so we could watch ESPN. There weren’t that many tables in the bar about 6 total, two had dirty dishes on them and two needed washed, one was occupied so we took the only available and clean table. I didn’t understand it really, they weren’t real busy, and everyone seemed to be doing nothing for towards what customers want.(pg38) The one other table that was occupied was people who were also disturbed by the lack of professionalism that was being displayed. One guy even commented on it, I in return said “If I was the boss a lot of people would be losing their jobs tonight”. Their service delivery systems seemed to be failing tonight. (pg38)

A waiter, in his early twenties took our drink order, after about ten minutes, which I though was too long, when no one was doing a damn thing. He brought the drinks and about 15 minutes later and to take our food order. He did not tell us about any specials and when I had questions about items, he was short as if he didn’t want to answer my questions. I felt he was pushy and unprofessional. We ordered a second drink and he brought those out right away. About thirty minutes later my boyfriend noticed that two other tables who were seated after us had their food and had their checks. I went to the bar to ask what was...
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