Secret Service Scandal

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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The topic in which I have chosen to do my compare and contrast paragraphs is that of the Secret Service scandal. As civilians of this country we are all concerned about the situation at hand because not only does it make our government look terrible it also reflects on our country as a whole. After reading the articles that, and have written I have discovered that although all three of these sites are reputable they can vary a lot in terms of what it is exactly they want their readers to learn about.

The first article that I am going to talk about is the one titled "What Obama should do after the Secret Service scandal" by This article shares some of the same information that the other two sites talk about like what happened in Columbia with the prostitutes and how this situation was handled. That is about where the likenesses end though. At least with the article, CNN and also have the fact that they are both written from a bias views The article by CNN seems to want to focus more on what has been going on in the past concerning world/country trade relations with the United States. Also this article out of all three seems to be the more election based one. It talks more about how beings it's an election year Obama should not apologize to Columbia for tarnishing their country instead how he should embrace the Latin communities in our own country. By making these statements it shows very clearly that CNN is bias to their own opinions on how the situation should be handled. Instead of stating facts about what has happened and how it was handled, like the forced resignation of over 10 Secret Service agents the CNN site has more opinions of how the president should handle the scandal.

The article from the website "Grassley not satisfied with Secret Service clean up, presses for full investigations" is much like the CNN and MSNBC article in the fact that they all originate from the same...
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