Secret River Chapter Summaries

Topics: Kill, Sydney, Wattle and daub Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: June 19, 2012
The Secret River

Part 2
Thornhill, Sal and Willie embark and Richard is born on the way to Sydney. On the Sydney harbour, Thornhill finds and works for Mr King.He also steals rum from him so he can sell some at Sal’s store. This makes a little more money for the family. He then works for Blackwood and takes cargo from Sydney to the Hawkesbury. They also live with Scabby Bill, who is an alcoholic, in a wattle and daub hut which they always complain about. The next child to be born is Johnny nicknamed Bub. They predicted he was too weak and was going to die, but he survives. Part 3

In Part 3 of the book, Thornhill and his family gather all their possessions and aboard a ship called the ‘Hope’ to go and live on the Hawkesbury. Here, Thornhill sets up his tent and tills the ground to mark that the area was claimed for him. He has a few altercations with the native Aboriginals that live around the area. Sal doesn’t really like living in the tent and can’t wait to get back to London. Later in the story, Thornhill goes down to Sydney to pick up some people that have been transported from England. All the best are taken by higher classes than him so he is left with the useless. He picks Ned and Dan. Dan Oldfield he knew back in England, they were friends growing up. However when Dan greets him, Thornhill acts more superior and mighty because of his elevated status. This shows what power can unfortunately do to a man.

Part 4
More people have moved to the Hawkesbury and Thornhill’s transport business is going well as there is a high demand for him and the ‘Hope’. The househas been made better with the help of Thornhill, Dan and Ned. A fireplace was installed for Sal and whenever Thornhill goes to Sydney, he brings something nice back for Sal, such as a mat or a teacup or something. Sal meets some Aboriginal women who are amazed by her white skin and clothes. They are particularly amazed by her bonnet and she trades that with them for a carved wooden bowl....
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