Secrecy Essay

Topics: Abuse, Kumi Koda, Classified information Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Back in 2002, my family had a property situated between two important cities in Colombia. We had this land for over ten years, until one day my parents received a call at their office, from a man asking if the property was for sale. Very surprised with this phone call, my parents kept the conversation short and simple, telling him that the property was not for sale. As soon as my parents said that, the men reacted offended by saying “well now it is.”

He offered my parents not even half of what the property was value at. This became a threat to our family. This person did not stop calling and harassing us for the property. It got to the point where we had to evacuate our house, because of the scary threats this guy said to us every day.

This situation became our secrecy because of the intimidations we got from these people. The first thing they mentioned was that if we said anything to the cops or any other person outside from us, our family would be dead or even kidnapped. For this reason, my parents decided to not share this information with anyone, especially cops. This became such an offensive and embarrassing situation for us; it was an intrusion of space. These people invaded our privacy, and at the end we came with the conclusion that these outsiders learned a lot from us, before making that first phone call. Their goal was to have control of us, making them feel superior; it was so obvious that their plan was to intimidate us with their threats. As a result, my family and I kept everything as a secret. Lies were used to guard ourselves. All these lies protected our family from the danger of these people and also kept secret our identities. These secrets empowered us well, we were safe. Later on, we found out that these men destroyed our house and made a road that connected his house that was located miles away to the main highway. Their plan was to own a large amount of land around the town. It seems that their problem was always trying to feel...
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