Secondary Research Qantas Airlines

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1. If Qantas Frequent Flyer wanted to understand what their competitors were doing, what types of secondary research should they conduct? There are mainly two types of secondary research :,
* data that came from the firm itself which is known as internal secondary data * data that has been published by other organization which is also known as external secondary data. The easiest way that Qantas can understand what their competitors were doing is by searching through data on the internet, information from agencies such as industry bodies, government agencies, libraries and local councils. Advantage : they do not require Qantas to spend money on expensive surveys and it is also very accessible Disadvantage : results might not be up to date and it may also be bias 2. Who are their main competitors?

Qantas main competitor would be other well known Australian Airlines such as Virgin Airlines, Regional Express, JetStar, etc. 3. Identify, explain and outline what type of information each secondary data source could provide. (select no more than 3 specific sources). Secondary data includes things such as Government data, airline magazines and reported interviews. Firstly, secondary data from government sources provide an extremely rich pool of data for the researchers. In addition, many of these data are available free of cost on internet websites. There are number of government agencies generating data, the data are most likely to be accurate but it may not be up to date. On the other hand , data from airline magazines provide details about their fleet, as well as articles about destinations or other interesting information. This is usually used to increase their appeal to passengers. It is usually accurate as they holds the whole the entire responsibility to it since they were the one publishing. Lastly, data source from reported reviews will generally be comments from passengers that had experience the flight. This data source may not be...
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