Secondary Motives

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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·Besides the basic biological needs, the expression of psychological needs is also of great significance:through society and culture in which one lives. · Non-satisfaction of these motives may lead to mental illness. Main psychological needs are:

i. Achievement
ii. Curiosity
iii. Need for appraisaliv
iv. Need for affiliationv
v. Need for powervi
vi. Work as motive

· Self- actualization or attaining excellence in relevant domain is the characteristic feature ofthis motive.· The need to achieve something, some object of desire, a goal, or position/status.· The source of satisfaction is not just the achievement of the goal, but the very act of strivingfor it too.· The level of the need for achievement varies from person to person.· Some are high and some low achievers.· Competition is an important element of this need.· Achievement motivation is a significant variable in a competitive society.· People with high motivation: Take and overcome challenges in order to succeed rather thanfinding an easy ways of achieving success.· People with low motivation: Tends to avoid failure, finding easy way outs, not desire to takedifficult tasks.· Methods of measuring achievement motivation:· Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is used; series of ambiguous pictures are presented tothe person and ask him to write a story on it.· Instructions are given as that the story must have a beginning, middle and an end along withthe title; who are the people, what they are thinking, feeling, wanting etc; what is going onand what will happen____ all depicts the needs, desires and motivation to succeed/ achieve.· In short the subject describes the past, present and future along with the description ofcharacters and their thinking and motivation.· Factors Contributing to the Need for Achievemento Parents who are warm for their child as well as make high standards for theirchild; encouragement is given on...
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