Second World War

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  • Published: February 14, 2014
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World War II: The Most Devastating War in History
(A Term Paper in Social Studies 2)

Errol Asuncion
Kenneth Flores
Aldrich Jesse Fuertes
Joseph Benjamin Gohel
Trevor Ivan Lim
Olsen Manila
Irwin Posadas
Jeremy Rimando
Cris Villanueva

Submitted to:
Mrs. Aia U. Adato
Saint Louis University – Laboratory High School, Baguio City

This is a 59 page, 66 resource paper discussing the History of World War II. This research discusses about the Start of World War II, “Mini-Wars” of World War II, World War II in Different Countries, Peace Treaties made during World War II, Ending of World War II, Effects of World War II in terms of Casualties and Economy, Introduction of the United Nations to the World and the Concept of World War III. Even though some of us are unaware of what happened during World War II, we are still able to appreciate the efforts of different countries to end this “Most Devastating War” that happened in the world. Indeed, we eventually come to realize that man is free but yet not free from being involved in small fights that may lead to war.

World War II (WWII), also known as the Second World War, (1939-1945), was the deadliest war in history. Over one hundred million soldiers fought in the war, and sixty million people died, including approximately forty million civilians. A total war, World War II blurred the distinction between military and civilian. It was also a true world war, with battles on nearly every continent and on all the oceans. The world's economic, industrial, and scientific output became focused on the war effort. The financial cost of the war was about $1 trillion worldwide, making it the most expensive war in capital as well as in lives. The war split the world into two opposing alliances: the Allied Powers, led by Great Britain, France, the United States, the Soviet Union, and...
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