Second Malaysia Prime Minister

Topics: Malaysia, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Tun Abdul Razak’s Leadership Style
Tun Abdul Razak succeeded Tunku Abdul Rahman as the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, leading and guiding the country from 1970 to 1976( 6 years). He was born in Pulau Keladi, Pahang on March 11, 1922 and he is the only son. The period if Tun Razak’s leadership as Malaysia’s prime minister is associated with the era of implementing the development strategy. Tun Abdul Razak also masterminded and implemented Malaysia’s New Economic Policy (NEP), vigorously tackling the economic and social disparities which had fuelled racial antagonism. The NEP set two basic goals: to reduce and eventually eradicate poverty among all Malaysians and to eliminate the identification of race with economic function. For his contributions to national and rural development, he is known as the Father of Development. NEP set up to bring up two basics goals – to reduce and eventually eradicate poverty, and to reduce and eventually eradicate identification of economic function with race. He increased the membership of its parties and coalition in an effort to establish “ketahanan Nasional” trough political stability. For his utmost contribution in the area of national and rural development. Most important Tun Abdul Razak is known as the Father of Development. Under NEP in general focuses on two major goals: Eradication of poverty irrespective of race (or ethnic group); Restructuring of Malaysia society; by means of restructuring employment pattern, restructuring ownership in the corporate sector , creating a bumiputra commercial and industrial community, and creating new growth centers in rural areas. Other than that under the NEP the area of state intervention was expended from agriculture and rural development as in 1960’s into the industrial and commercial sectors. Emphasis was thus placed on the fostering of bumiputera enterprises and entrepreneurs in commercial and industrial sectors As a summarize from Tun Abdul Razak leadership style, he has bring...
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