Second Great Awakening Dbq

Topics: Abolitionism, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Casey Hungreder
G Period
DBQ: Part B - Question 3
The Second Great Awakening was a religious revival that occurred in the United States beginnig in the early-mid nineteenth century and lasted until the end of the nineteenth century. While it occurred in all parts of the United States, it was especially strong in the Northeast and the Midwest. The Second Great Awakening implemented an important impact on American religious history. During this time period, the numerical strength of the Baptists and Methodists increased relative to that of the majority denominations in the colonial period, like the Anglicans, Mormons, Presbyterians, Christianity, and Reformed. The United States was becoming a more culturally diverse nation in the early mid-1800s. The Awakening made people believe that they could be saved through revivals; therefore, it enrolled millions of new members. The revivals encouraged people to return to God. As a result, church attendance increased during the first half of the nineteenth century. A desire to reform America also arose among the people. Attempts to limit alcohol consumption and to abolish slavery came directly out of the Second Great Awakening and its message. This Awakening influenced many numerous reform movements, especially abolitionists. The Second Great Awakening in the North influenced abolitionism by increasing the number of people who supported black rights. When the evangelical leaders preached about equality, many people joined the abolitionist cause because they felt they should bring salvation to all humans, including blacks. Even those who did not favor supporting blacks still wanted improve conditions of all society members; they joined the socialist group. Abolitionists taught that slavery violated basic rights of man. Most abolitionists were Christian. The abolitionist movement attempted to achieve immediate emancipation of all slaves and the ending of racial segregation and discrimination. Most...
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