Second Chance Essay

Topics: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Cardona1 Cardona Rosa Mrs. Miranda

English 301-048
5 November 2012
Vacation to Disney World
I always wanted to take my four daughters to a memorable and unforgettable trip. For years I had planned to travel to Orlando Florida, to one of their magic parks. Magic Kingdom, our first trip, was planned in mind because of how I’ve always dreamed to imagine their smiling faces of joy, and their excitement to know that they were going to Walt Disney World, a place where all dreams come true. At that same moment, I talked to my husband; about my plans, he agreed with me, but the truth is that he took me for granted. As time went by, I didn’t have my husband’s support. I was on my own, so I started planning, and organizing our magical trip to Walt Disney World. Because I had no money, I started by saving from every pay check, for one whole year. During July 2007 and July 2008, I searched on for a suitable hotel to stay for about a week. After all this was set and done. There was another problem, how were we getting to our destination? That’s why I had to think about saving money, looking for a suitable hotel, and then getting plane tickets for transportation. Without my husband’s support I managed to save money on my own, so I got into a “tanda”. A tanda is when a group of responsible people, who agree to pitch in twenty dollars on every pay check they get. Then one person from the group gets to take all the money. It then goes all around until each member of the group receives about fifteen hundred dollars. Obviously, I needed more than fifteen hundred dollars to pay for the expenses for five people. I had to use all my resources to succeed my goal. Therefore, I...
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