Sec 310 Essay Week One

Topics: Law, Property law, Contract Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: April 6, 2012
Goals and Objectives of a Security Organization
Jimmie Willhite
SEC 310
April 1, 20012
Robert Sydnor

The goals and objectives that a security organization must focus on in business and government operations are very similar, the main difference being the scope of what must be focused on. Businesses can have a far narrower range of goals and objectives, because they do not have to deal with issues of national security. A government run security organization deals with all the same issues as a business run organization, plus the multitude of other international security issues that have overtaken us as technology continues to develop. The main goal of any security organization is to protect assets, whether they be property, people, or intellectual property. Each organization has different goals, and a security organization must be able to tailor its goals and objectives to coincide with that of the organization that it is protecting. The legal aspects of organizational security management are not always easy to define. Because organizational security deals with a myriad of criminal, civil and administrative laws, there are many unique situations encountered that must be dealt with legally. Different types of laws have different legalities. These include tort laws, contract law, administrative law, property law, employment law, criminal law, laws of arrest and evidence law. Tort laws deal with civil rather than criminal cases, and can be intentional or unintentional. An example of an intentional tort would be defamation. An example of a unintentional tort is negligence, or improper performance. Contract laws deal with contracts between entities, and consist of four distinct parts, an agreement, a consideration, legal subject matter and contractual capacity of all parties involved. Contractual capacity is an entities legal ability to enter into a contract. Administrative law is a branch of public law...
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