Seatbelt Essay

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Click It or Ticket

Every Fourteen seconds someone is injured in a traffic accident in the United States alone. On average someone dies every thirteen minutes. In fact car crashes are the leading killer of Americans between the ages of three and thirty-three. If those people had been wearing a seatbelt the chances are they would have escaped serious injury or death. Have you ever thought about what the difference of wearing your seat belt could make? Or have you ever though if wearing your seat belt would make a different outcome? Wearing a seatbelt drastically increases ones chance of surviving a car crash. Seatbelts are the single most effective way of protecting ones self in a motor vehicle, yet despite the overwhelming evidence twenty-five percent of teens do not. Its time we enforce the wearing of seatbelts as an urgent priority. Still there are hardcore drivers who think they are invincible or beyond the law. This means there are Americans who are taking there lives in their hands each day. The behavior and disregard for there own safety is costing us all. When I was a freshman in high school my dad got into a terrible accident that cost him his memory, the doctors told us that if he was in fact wearing his seatbelt it would of made his injuries drastically smaller. Over the past 4 years his memory has slowly recovered, but he still can’t remember everything, and even now he forgets things and our family needs to remind him. This is just one personal occurrence that has happen due to not wearing a seatbelt, there are millions of occurrences that have lead to tragedies, obstacles, or problems with family or loved ones. A seatbelt is a harness in car, it straps across the body and buckles at the opposite hip. It is meant to protect the passenger from injury in the event of an accident. Most people believe that strict seatbelt laws infringe upon their rights to choose not to wear a seatbelt. They believe that it is one way that the government is trying to...
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