Seat Belt

Topics: Seat belt, Automobile safety, Automobile Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Wearing your Seat Belt
Everybody makes choices every day. It could be something basic like what colour of suit should you wear, or something major like should I put on a seat belt. I hold the opinion that all of these choices have an impact on our lives. I hope all of you who are listening to this speech today make the bigger choice of wearing your seatbelts in your day-to-day travelling. The rate of deaths has been on the rise, and this has concerned me. This has made me do some research on wearing selt belt. Therefore, I have credible material and information on this topic.

I Chose this topic because I have lost a couple of family memeber in car accident and some of them wasnt wearing a selt belt. the most recent accident that injury my secend cousin happened on December 11, 2012. She had gotten in a agrument with her family early that day, so she decided she would go drive and calm down. so she got into her car , when she got in the car she didnt put her selt belt on, she just began to drive. she was so upset that she start to speed alittle. well the day before it had rain and the ground still had water on it. while she was speed on the wet road her lost control of her car and the car flip. as the car was flip she was injected for the car and she landed on the ground hard. the impact of the ground it broke a couple of ribs and injury her spine. she underwent major sugery that day. she have to learn how to walk, learn how to fully use her hand, learn how to sit up straight without her brace all over again. she had wear her seat belt then she wouldnt have been hurt to much. this is why wearing selt belt is impormant.

I believe that everybody who is a driver, any passenger and everybody whose means of transport is a vehicle should and is supposed to put on a seatbelt. When you are driving or even riding in a vehicle, putting on your seat belt will bring down your chance of death or serious injury, in case of a major accident. I will first talk to you about...
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