Seasonings and Bouillon Cubes Production

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  • Published : May 29, 2012
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Seasonings and Bouillon Cubes Production
|PentaBase | |The flavoring series for the industrial production of soups, sauces and other savory food products |

|The PentaBase Series - Introduction | |The PentaBase is a series of savory flavor bases destined for the following industries: | |Soups and soup mixes. | |Sauces and sauce mixes. | |Stock and bouillon cubes. | |Savory bakery products. | |Pasta products. | |Ready meals. | |Snacks. | |Any other savory product requiring a "soupy" touch. |

|The PentaBase Categories | |The PentaBase items are divided into two basic categories: | |Flavor bases  | |Mostly provide the basic flavor of the product, its seasoning and the flavor enhancement.  Available in powdered form. | |Aroma bases | |Providing the top-notes.  Available in liquid form. | |The PentaBase flavor and aroma bases are mostly composed from the following functional ingredients: | |Flavorings. | |Flavor enhancers. | |Spices. | |Natural extracts. | |Emulsifiers. | |Various yeast extracts. | |Available Flavors | |The PentaBase series include a variety of flavors, such as: | |Chicken. | |Beef....
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