Seashells for Sealants

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  • Published : December 28, 2011
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School Year 2011-2012


“Oyster Shells for Sealants”

1. Introduction

Leak are one of houses major problem. It won’t let you sleep when rain is pouring so hard and your roof has holes.Your water bills will be high because your water pipe has a leak. These are just some of the problems we encounter in our houses,Primary cure to this problems are sealants.Oyster isn’t just any seafood its shells has avery useful usage.Oyster shells has a calcium carbonate and silicate;the shells also contains many other ingredients including Aspartic acid,Glycine,Serine and a whole lot more.Sealants can also be made out of oyster shells,sealants are viscous material that has little or no flow charecteristics and stay where they are applied or thin and runny so as to allow it to penetrate the substrate by means of capillary reaction.

1.2 Statement of the Problems and Objectives
* How can oyster shells be of help to the home owners who suffer from leakage of pipes and damaged roof? * What characteristics of oyster shells attributes to its capability to transform to a sealant? * What is the difference of using commercialized sealants and oyster shell-sealants? * What are the advantages and disadvantages of oyster shell-sealants?

1.2.2Objectives: General Objective: The objective of our investigation is to provide a cheaper way to solve leakage at homes or even in the commercial establishments through the use of oyster shell-sealants. Specific Objectives:
* Compare the time will it take for the sealants made from oyster shells and commercial ones to dry. * Compare the time it takes for the sealants to dry under the sun and at the room temperature. * Test the effectiveness of oyster shells as an additive in preparing sealants in terms of corrosion, resistance, insolubility and strength.

1.3 Significance of the Study
The importance...
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