Sears Roebuck

Topics: Training, Management, Human resource management Pages: 9 (2959 words) Published: April 7, 2013
During Sears’ changing process they realized they needed to change their development programs in order to survive and change with the times. This paper will show the development, implementation and necessary changes made by Sears. Specifically the paper will showcase the training and development programs, and the implementation of building stronger relationships with Sears’ employees and the company. Sears went through reconstruction of management teams and discovered how employee engagement and behaviors would affect the company.

The following report is based off of the training and development programs created and used by Sears and their methods of delivery. There are also recommendations on how to conduct on-the-job training as well as what technology to use to conduct training. As training is important, there is also the matter of performance management and the system used for company growth and employee growth and the implementation process of the changes necessary for the system to work. Training and development will also be linked to the strategic plans of Sears. Linking these two significant things will make a change in how the business is run from every day processes to long term processes. Changes in management will also take place and where they stand in regards to employee training and development and how employees take part in Sears’ ever growing company and their changes. Training and Development Program and Methods

Training is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. Research has shown that on the job training leads to lower employee turnover. Employees who are well trained bring value to the organization as well as give the organization a competitive edge (Lyons & Mattare, 2011). Sears has to develop a strong training and development program in order revitalize itself. The training and development program has to allow the organization to develop average employees into well-rounded employees who can move the company forward. Sears can use their Sears University in order to train their employees. Sears University was founded in 1994 as part of their tactic to train employees (Hallowell & Cash, 2008). The goal of the Sears’ training program is to create sales associates and managers who can give superior customer service. The employees must be able to read the customers in order to know how to interact with the customers. People skills cannot be taught, but employees can be trained on how to properly interact with customers. New employees will be trained for their starting positions. Veteran employees who are in line for a promotion will be trained for their new job as well. Sears should use computer-based training as well as on the job training to train employees. On-the-job training provides employees with the opportunity to learn their job while still earning a paycheck (Texas Workforce Commission, 2011). On-the-job training also can help develop strong working relationships between the staff. Often during training, not only is the new employee trained, the employee can also offer insight to the trainer as they are bringing in a fresh set of eyes who can see things that a veteran employee may not take notice of because they are working in the system. Sears is aiming to surpass the competition. Research suggests that employees who receive on-the-job training are able to outperform the competition (Domadenik & Farcnik, 2012). The on-the-job training will involve two facets of training. First, veteran employees are to train new employees during regular business hours. Second, veteran employees will observe trainees and advise them of adjustments they need to make to their day-to-day activities. Computer based training will also be used. Computer based training is widely used today. The retail industry like many other industries could greatly benefit by using the cost efficiency of computer-based training (Revels, 2010)....
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