Searching for Revenue: Google

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  • Published : June 28, 2012
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Searching for Revenue-Google
The search engine, Google, has been deemed and is famous for its highly successful search engine. This unit closing case reveals how Google has become a powerful search engine by detailing on how Google works, how revenue is made by ADWords, and by explaining the expansion of Google. Google works with the web server which sends the query to the index servers then travels to the document servers and finally returns the results back to the users. Revenue for Google is made by ADWords, a part of Google’s site, which generates revenue by marketers and advertisers that pay to place their ads on Google’s site. Google allows the possibility of expansion by having their application program interface (API) enable developers to build around the Google search engine. Information

Many users use Google for quality search information and expectations of great search results are high. Google uses analytical information by providing users with commendable search results and information. The definition of analytical information is that it encompasses all organizational information, and its primary purpose is to support the performing of managerial tasks. Examples of this information are trends, sales, product statistics and future growth projection. It is very critical that Google keeps proper standards by delivering outstanding search engine results for the future growth of its company. Impact on Google

The impact on Google’s business if the search information it presented to customers was of low quality would be that Google would lose any revenue it currently makes. Google’s main source of income is ADWords, a part of the Google site, which allows advertisers to bid on common search terms. If information was of low quality on Google users would turn to other reliable sources and the outcome of this would be the loss of Google’s advertising clients. Google’s Website

The website had a goal to create a place for students to be...
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