Searching for Identity

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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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Search for identity

The concept search for identity reveals that often individuals attempting to find their place in life face obstacles and great hardships in which makes their search for identity difficult. Although these challenges are different or unique for each individual but in the end they all share the ability to change and develop someone’s identity. There are three main aspects that shape our identity firstly would be the people who we have in our lives and relationships we develop with them and they way their live can influence ours. An other effecting aspect is the place or environment, the environment that the individual belongs to or has grown up in brings a sense of who they are in the world and a greater sense of belonging which gives them a start to find their identity. The history of an individual can influence their identity in a negative or positive way but no matter which way it has a great role in shaping the individuals identity.

In By the River, Steven Herrick explores the idea that environment can define who you are. Herrick uses imagery to show the impact of setting on Harry, the main character. Herrick gives us clues of this in the use of his Small old town showing us that it has played a crucial role in shaping the boys sense of play in the world. He shows Harry’s confusion in the first poem “The Colour of My Town.” Harry shows us the effects the environment of the place he has grown up in has had on his identity. And example of this would be “after listening to all these ugly little voices, I want to run away”. Herrick personifies the voices creating the impression that the voices has an effect over Harry making it hard for him to chose certain decisions that would shape parts of his life. Also the use of depressive connotations like squashed and dead in “A dead snake, cane toads squash flat, nothing that lives, and nothing that shines”.

In the novel, Herrick also looks at the way other...
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