Searching for Bobby Ficher

Topics: Chess, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Searching for Bobby Fisher is based on the true life story of Josh Waitzkin, a seven year old boy, who fell in love with the game of chess. Although this film isn’t just about Josh’s life, he’s always being compared to the chess genius Bobby Fisher. For many chess players Bobby Fischer is as much a rule model to the game of chess as Roberto Clemente is to the game of baseball. Josh Waitzkin is faced with multiple challenges that he must over come to become one of the best chess players of all time. Just like in reality everyone is faced with challenges that they must overcome, within this movie I find that Josh Waitzkin and I have many similarities and also many differences.

Throughout the movie, Josh Waitzkins’ family is extremely supportive of him. This is also the same within my family. The Waitzkin’s always supported Josh, went to all of his matches, and helped him with any challenges that he could not figure out on his own. With my family it is also the same, supporting me in softball games, and helping me with any situation that I can’t solve alone. Although there are many similarities between my family and Josh’s, there are also many differences. Josh’s family didn’t seem to be as uptight and competitive as most of the other chess parents, but they did always want Josh to win. With my family, they are always screaming, cheering, and getting into the game. Some may think it’s hard to get into a chess game, but relating to the film, a lot of the parents did seem to get into their child’s match. Both families are very supportive and will always love their child no matter how they do.

I am as loyal to softball as Josh was to chess. Though Josh Waitzkin has to sit and study the chess board and understand it completely. With softball, I have to maintain a good batting average, and play the field as well as I can. Josh’s style of working towards success is not stuck in a batting cage or in a gym working out, but he is sitting in a quite room, staring at a...
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