Searching for Bobbie Fischer

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Abby Landrum

Searching for Bobbie Fischer

Parents constantly push their children to succeed, sometimes they are believed to push them a little too far to where the child doesn't enjoy the activity. I think we've all seen that dad and little boy playing catch outside for hours when everyone knows that little boy just wants to go inside and drink a nice glass of lemonade and maybe eat a cookie. Pushy parents are no surprise in our culture and Steven Zaillian explores the idea of pushy parents in Searching for Bobby Fischer, Zaillian is the director as well as screenwriter creating what I believe to be one of the best movies of the nineties, it promotes the theme of internal drive being the most important factor of achieving a goal.

In Searching for Bobbie Fischer Josh is driven by Bruce who is trying to mold him into another Bobby Fischer, a former world champion chess player. Since Josh is unbeatable he starts to get anxiety and doesn't like the fact he is expected to win. Josh eventually loses interest in chess and lives a normal life, while he decided to live a normal life he also starts enjoying chess again. Josh starts playing chess at the park with his friend Winnie and decides to enter in another chess tournament.

The theme of Searching for Bobbie Fischer is that internal drive is the most important factor to success, this theme is demonstrated throughout the movie. This theme starts when Josh's' parents realize he is an extremely good chess player. Josh just enjoyed the game and then he started not to like it when he was taken to so many chess tournaments. When Josh was playing because other people wanted him to play he lost focus and lost the match. Josh's mom realized that Josh wasn't playing for himself anymore and put the chess tournaments to an end. After a while Josh realizes that he wants to play chess for himself, gets entered into the championship and makes it to the final round. This is an example of the...
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