Seantel Robinson-Brye

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Seantel Robinson-Brye

The Surgical Experience
The preoperative phase begins when the decision for surgery is made and ends when the patient is transferred to the operating room table. The preoperative evaluation and teaching typically takes place several days before surgery in an outpatient setting. Today, most perioperative patients are admitted to the hospital the morning of their surgical procedure. However, there are times when the preoperative phase will begin on the medical-surgical units or in the emergency department. The first step of the preoperative phases begins with a patient and chart assessment on all patients scheduled for an operative and/or invasive procedure prior to transportation to the Surgical Suites. This ensures accurate identification of the patient, using two identifiers, identification and marking of the surgical site, adequacy of the preoperative patient preparation, and completeness of the documentation. This assesses the patient’s actual and potential health problems and facilitates implementation and communication of the perioperative plan of care. The intraoperative phase extends from the time the client is admitted to the operating room, to the time of anesthesia administration, performance of the surgical procedure and until the client is transported to the recovery room or postanethesia care unit (PACU). Throughout the surgical experience the nurse functions as the patient’s chief advocate. The nurse’s care and concern extend from the time the patient is prepared for and instructed about the forthcoming surgical procedure to the immediate preoperative period and into the operative phase and recovery from anesthesia. The patient needs the security of knowing that someone is providing protection during the procedure and while he is anesthetized because surgery is usually a stressful experience. The postoperative period of the surgical experience extends from the time the client is transferred to the recovery room or...
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