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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Actor. Born Thomas Sean Connery on August 25, 1930 in Fountainbridge, Scotland. The son of Joe, a truck driver, and Euphamia, a 20-year-old housewife, Connery had a modest upbringing in a neighborhood known as "the street of a thousand smells" for the stench of the local rubber mill and several breweries that always filled the air. His home was a two-room flat in "tenement land," where the infant slept in a bureau drawer because his parents couldn't afford a crib. "We were very poor," Connery has commented, "but I never knew how poor because that's how everyone was there." Joe brought home only a few shillings a week, and those were often spent on whiskey or gambling.

Known during his youth as "Tommy", Connery grew up on the streets along with the rest of the Fountainbridge youth, playing tag or soccer and causing rips in his short trousers that his mother was always patching. The local gangs dubbed him "Big Tam" because of his size and his ability to pummel most of his playmates. He attended Tollcross elementary school and amazed his teachers with a lightening-quick mathematical aptitude. From the day he could read, he devoured every comic book he could get his hands on and dreamed up his own imaginative tales of Martians and madmen. Even then, he had a fascination with film: "I would play hooky and go to Blue Halls, the local movie house, to watch the pictures," he recalled.

When Connery was 8 years old, his parents had a second child: Neil. Young Tom delighted in the role of big brother and, as they grew up, the Connery boys were inseparable. They fished in nearby Union Canal (using their mother's stockings for line) and skipped school to fit in more amusing extracurricular activities—including running with "the wrong element." Connery claims to have had sexual encounters with local ladies at the age of 8 (although he can't recall many of the details) and to have helped with his father's gambling...
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