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Throughout the world today people struggle because they want to be unique. They want to be the race or make people of other races like them. This is the wrong attitude to have about things especially when it comes to race and individualism. Just because one parent is one race and the other parent is another that does not mean it will effect the things you are skilled at or want to do.

A long time ago people were definitely able to be individual based on their looks. There use to be set standards like black suits and when someone wore a purple or red suit they were looked at funny. They were trying to be individual, different from everyone else. Today it is hard to do that with all the different styles people have came up with over the years. Purple suits are normal now when we go to prom and rainbow hair can be seen everyday. Maybe being individual goes deeper then the way we look, talk, or dress.

To be individual we must look deep down inside of ourselves. We must get over the fact that if we get fifteen piercing on our face there is probably someone else that has the same thing. The thing is, everyone of us is unique and special. It is not determined by what we are wearing, but by how we act, feel, and think. Nobody is the same inside our hearts because we were raised different and have different feelings about certain things. This is how we become unique. Look at our feelings instead of our outfit and we will see the uniqueness in each of us. The story called Be Different talks about all of these things and I agree with it. There are too many styles to look different now, we must look on our insides and realize we are different.

Race is another big topic talked about in What Color is Jesus. This story talks about a child who has a mother that is one race and a father that is another. At first he thinks that if both of his parents were black instead of just one of them then he would be better at playing the saxophone. This is wrong to think because the...

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