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By | September 2011
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What is management’s role in the SDLC?
Management role is to gather information for the project, make sure risks are addressed, and make sure that the customers and stakeholders needs are met. Why does project planning usually come before analysis and design? It is important for the planning project to be done first because without the proper set of steps some steps can be left out and making that the project fails. You can have many people working on one thing while other important steps are not being taken care of by anybody. This is also the time that a certain plan that everyone likes can cause delays or even worse it can cause very high risks. If the planning phase has not been done than there is also a chance that some resources are not being used that could be vital to what is needed for the project. What are the methodologies commonly used for requirements elicitation? The methodologies mostly used are as follow: Gathering of important information, Find out who does what in the project. After all the information is gathered and the requirement are set, now each of the requirements needs to get a priority to find which is more important and needs to be done first.

How can a prototype be used?
A prototype can be used to seek out bugs or mistakes that can cause problems in the future. It can also be used to see if this project will work with the success of the company. It is also to see the clear end result of the project and check if it meets the goals needs of the project. What are some metrics that can be used during the SDLC? List the applicable metrics and the steps in which metrics are used. The metrics that can be used for SDLC is the requirements that are needed for the project, and establishing targets that can be tested and scored to see if it fits the current project plan. If the right requirements are not met than it makes it that there are caps in the project which result in a failure of the project. Testing the ability of the...

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