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SDLC Scenario |
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I am trying to choose the best model for Verizon in upgrading their technology quickly and efficiently. The best SDLC model to use for Verizon, in my opinion would be the waterfall model. The reason why the model is beneficial to Verizon is that it requires the least amount of time to implement the new technology to their existing system. They are interested in upgrading the system rather than implementing a new one each time Verizon feels the need to upgrade. The waterfall method assumes the various phases are to be complete entirely sequentially. First a detailed plan is developed. Second, the requirements are precisely specified, leading to the design of the system. After these steps, the system is then field-tested, programmed and installed. Once the project has overcome the waterfall phase, there is not return from that point on. While field-testing the waterfall approach, it requires extensive planning for the final decision-making.

Since Verizon wants to upgrade their current technology rather than replace their current system completely, the waterfall approach would be the wisest choice for allowing them to implement the new technology quickly and staying in competition with leading competitors. Moving from the planning phase, which is deciding which technology to upgrade to and implement, is the analysis phase. The analysis phase is when confirming the technology is compatible with the existing system. From the analysis phase, you move to the design phase, where you design the course in which the new technology is incorporated. From the Design phase, you finally install the new technology and test it. By using this process, it gives Verizon the benefit of incorporating new technology efficiently and effectively. The negative of using the waterfall method is once you proceed...
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