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  • Published : October 6, 2008
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My results from the SDI self test indicated that I have high levels of orange, red, and blue. My highest level of acceptance on the SDI self test was blue which represents one right way, purpose in causes and Guilt based sacrifice; my highest level of rejection on the SDI self test was yellow which represents a view of the bigger picture.

I think my results really do reflect on my life as of taking the self test. Looking back on what I have been through in the last two years alone has led me to believe that these results are fairly accurate. Two years ago I experience my first life changing moment when I asked my Fiancée to marry me, less than a month after proposing we were married on October 12th 2006. Less than two months after being married we discovered that we were pregnant and nine months later my wife gave birth to our first son. These two major events marked a turning point in my life, where my actions and goals were no longer focused on myself but rather being a Husband and Father. I would first analyze my level in orange which to me seems to reflect on how I want to achieve more to provide for my family, for example my Job pays for me to return to school and will help me to achieve my goal of acquiring a Bachelors Degree which upon attaining it will improve my overall quality of life at work and at home. The next level I would like to analyze is Red. Red to me doesn’t represent being egocentric or saying I’ll take what I can get now and not care about the consequences. Red to me represents the fight in people to survive. When faced with feeding my family and keeping them safe from harm I am more than willing to take chances, be spontaneous and seek out the power I need to make that happen. The last level I will analyze on my acceptance side is Blue which happens to be my highest level. Reading the description of what blue represents I can see a good picture of who I am at that level and why I scored so high there. Every person on this earth is...