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Instructor:| Michael G Kelley PhD| Office Phone:| N/A|
Office:| CASA 225| Office Hours:| MW 1:00-1:30 pmMW 4:20-5:00 pm| | | |
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Course Title:| U.S. History to 1877| Semester and Year:| Spring 2013| Course Prefix:| HIST| | |
Course Number:| 1301| Class Days & Times:| CASA 228Sec. 5023 – MW 1:30 – 2:50 p..m.  Sec. 5024 – MW 3:00 – 4:20 p.m. | Credit Hours:| 3| | |

Course overview:

Catalog Description:
This course is a survey of U.S. History from Pre-Contact Societies through Reconstruction. Themes to be developed include westward expansion and globalization, slavery, Native Americans, and religious and social changes. An additional purpose of this course is to introduce students to the skills and practices of history.

Course Learning Outcomes:
* Create an argument through the use of historical evidence. * Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.
* Analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on this period of United States history.

In our efforts to prepare students for a changing world, students may be expected to utilize computer technology while enrolled in classes, certificate, and/or degree programs within LSCS. The specific requirements are listed below:

Getting ready

Prerequisites:ENGL 0305 or ENGL 0316
AND ENGL 0307 or 0326
OR higher level course (ENGL 1301)
OR placement by testing

Required Material:

Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty, (Seagull Edition) 3rd edition (Bundle ISBN 9780393139730) Voices of Freedom, Volume 1, 3rd edition

Phillips, Christopher. Constitution Café: Jefferson's Brew for a True Revolution ISBN 9780393342260

Freehling, William. The South vs. The South: How Anti-Confederate Southerners Shaped the Course of the Civil War ISBN 9780195156294

Instructor guidelines and policies

Attendance: Class attendance is highly encouraged to ensure full understading of the subject material, to foster a sense of community and to participate in group work and discussions. * I will call roll occasionally throughout the semester but only to learn who each of you are. Students will be treated as adults and a integral part of the college experience is managing time wisely. * If students miss class for any reason, they need to contact the professor within 24 hours of the class to learn what they have missed. The instructor will not contact absent students. * Students who wish to withdraw should notify the instructor of their intent to drop prior to the withdrawal date. * Withdrawal from the course prior to the deadline will result on a final grade “W” and no credit * If you stop attending class and do not officially withdraw before the deadline you will receive a “F” for the course. * Students who attend class and participate may receive bonus points. This is meant to reward those students who diligently come to class and actively participate.


* You will take three exams this semester. Each exam will cover the lectures, the assigned mongraphs, class discussions, videos, and the textbook. * Each exam will cover a segment of United States history and no exam is cumulative. * Bring a Blue Book, Scantron, a pencil or a pen to each exam. * The exam will be a combination of short answers, definitions, and multiple choice. * Each exam will be worth 20% of your final grade.

* You have two supplemental mongraphs (books with one author) throughout the semester. * Students are expected to read a designated book before each exam. * During the exam, the student will be asked questions based on these books.

Book Review:
* Students will write a book review prior to the end of the semester, due April 23, 2013. * Students will choose one of the two books assigned this semester....
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