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By | October 2012
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Raisin in the Sun Essay

People are constantly changing and growing. Like in the drama A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. The man of the house Walter, sees life different from Ruth, Mama, and Beneatha. He struggles throughout the play to provide good living conditions and is more concerned with material possessions. While his family is more concerned with ideal things and dreams. Walter seems to be a good father to Travis, but starts to lose control by the end of the play. When he is with Travis, he relates too much to money. Instead, of focusing on their family fun in life. Walter gets to the point where money is the only thing that makes him happy. It starts to control him. He becomes very angry and selfish around his family. Walter throughout the book argues with his family. The cause for the fights is the money they all received in the beginning of the play. Walter wants to spend the money on a liquor store, Mama and Ruth wish to spend it on a big house. Walter disagrees all the time, showing his worst trends. When Mama and Ruth decline his plan, Mama takes the responsibility to govern the family and make most important decisions, Walter starts drinking and misbehaves. Later in the story after Walter loses the money to Willy, he becomes more of a man and understands some crucial ideas. Once he starts to listen to Mama and Ruth, he understands that new big house is much more important for the entire family than his business idea. Walter changes and develops responsibility in him. During that part of the play he is portrayed as a man becoming more mature.

The character that changes the most, Walter, shows his life as a irresponsible, unreliable family man to a reasonable, responsible, and reliable person, who cares about family members, and wishes them good. Although in the beginning of the story he values material things more than dreams, he eventually changes and understands that what is better for the family might not...

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