Topics: Compromise of 1850, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 7 (1201 words) Published: January 14, 2013
* Stephen Austin – began immigration of Americans into Texas * Americans and Mexicans=friction
* Mexico=convert people to roman Catholicism – Americans ignored * General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna – dictator of Mexico * Sam Houston- led revolt --- Texas= independent republic (1836) * Santa Anna- captured town of Goliad- killed Americans * Battle of San Jacinto River- victory for Americans---forced to recognized indep. ----- Rejected by Mexico city * LONE STAR REPUBLIC- Houston=president- wanted to be annexed * JACKSON, BUREN PUT OFF TEXAS=

* 1. Political opposition about slavery
* 2. Addition of 5 new slave states created by Texas
* 3. Threat of costly war with Mexico
* John Tyler- southern Whig- worried bout the growing influence of British in Texas--- US senate rejected treaty of annexation in 1844.

* Border issue with Maine and Canadian province of New Brunswick. * Canada=British rule----- worsted enemy
* Aroostook War-“battle of the maps” =lumbermen in open fighting * Treaty with US sec. Of State Daniel Webster and British ambassador (Lord Alexander Ash burton) * Disputed territory-split between Maine and canasta * Settled boundary of Minnesota territory (Mesabi range=US)

* British-American dispute
* Oregon=claimed by Spain, Russia, GB, US
* Britain=claimed based on: Hudson Fur Company with NAs in NW * US based claims on
* 1. Discovery of the Columbia River
* 2. Lewis and Clark expedition
* Fur trading in Oregon
* “Oregon Fever”= prot. Missionaries and farmers- Oregon Trail—areas South of Columbia River

Election of 1844
* Slavery=Texas=Northerners opposed annexation
* Buren-opposed John C. Calhoun-proslavery -------DEMOCRATIC * The dark horse- James K. Polk from Tennessee
* Polk- wanted Texas and all of Oregon and California
* Henry Clay lost to Polk

Annexing Texas and Dividing Oregon
* TEXAS: Tyler-didn’t go to Senate—went to both houses of congress to annex * OREGON: Polk compromised with GB- only settled for half of it * Oregon divided at the 49th parallel
* US had to grant Vancouver Island to GB and give right to navigate the Columbia River. * Didn’t want to fight war with both Mexico and GB – Senate agreed

War with Mexico
* John Slidell- went to Mexico city
* 1. Persuade Mexico to sell California and NM
* 2. Settle dispute about Mexico-Texas border

Causes of war
* General Zachary Taylor – army near Rio Grande
* Mexican army captured and killed 11.
* Abraham Lincoln opposed war
* Most of war= in Mexican territory
* General Stephen Kearney-took Santa Fe and Southern Cal. * John C. Fremont- overthrew Mexican rule in Northern Cal. * California=independent republic=Bear Flag Republic
* Victory at Buena Vista- Taylor drove Mexican army out of Texas * General Winfield Scott- invade central Mexico

Consequences of War:
* Mexico=military disaster
* 1. Mexico would recognized the Rio Grande as the Southern border of Texas * 2. US-take possession of California and New Mexico
* (Mexican cession)—US pay 15 million
* Whigs=opposed=saw if as expanding slavery
* Democrats=opposed=wanted all of Mexico

Wilmot Proviso
* David Wilmot-bill to forbid slavery u baby of the new territories * Passed the House twice, but defeated in the Senate
SECTIONLISM over slavery

Manifest Destiny to the South
* Southerners=not satisfied with the gains
* Wanted land in Latin America for slavery (Cuba)

Ostend Manifesto
* Attempt to buy Cuba but Spain refused
* Tried by force=fail
* 1852- Franklin Pierce-president-prosouthern policies
* Tried to buy Cuba but it got leaked to press --- antislavery members in...
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