Topics: Milk, Dairy farming, Cattle Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Steven Ables

Peter Beurskens

English 2515

Interview Essay

25 November 2012

Why Breakfast Is Possible Every Morning

It was a cold but interesting morning; after all I couldn’t expect anything less residing in Minnesota. As I begin my journey to Jim’s house, a retired dairy farmer turned cook. It takes me nothing short of twenty minutes on the country roads to arrive to an eighty acre farm with an elegant picture perfect home. Meanwhile, I make my way through the house I notice not one item is out of place or disturbed. It’s everything you expect a wealthy retired dairy farm that once owned two thousand acres and four hundred dairy cattle. As Jim ____ and I settle into the dining room kitchen, he asks “Would you like a soda or something to drink?” I politely accept, considering I need something to wash down this amazing donut he had awaiting for me to ingest. Jim is a middle aged man standing around five foot two inches, weighing in around one hundred and ninety pounds just seems to not fit your ideal image of what a dairy farmer might resemble. Although, Jim comes from a family a seven, growing up on a dairy farm his whole life. He remembers racing his brother out to the stales, hoping he could get to the first stale. As he states, “it had been modified just right to exceed maximum comfort compared to the other stales that are a lot hard to work around given the set-up of the barn.” He always knew that being a dairy farmer by trade would be his future someday, considering there was only two boys and all of the five girls desired a college education. Meanwhile, he vividly remember every morning, questions himself, “Do I want to go to college; Is this really what I want?” After all, he no longer has time to think or debate with himself, it was time to make a decision to either sell his portion or to keep it and continue a life of dairy farming. He often wondered if he made the right choice. Did the world have anything else in store for him or...
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