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* The Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini has created waves at the box office by raking in Rs 90 crore worldwide on the first weekend of its release. But much before that, the film had already created waves in the world of marketing by setting new standards for the industry.

* Ghajini has been marketed as ‘India’s first event film’ one that has the potential to become a successful business venture rather than just the box office success of the movie.

* Apart from the ongoing success of Ghajini, the movie was able to create much hype in the corporate world through its well tuned and finely coordinated marketing campaign pre and post movie release.

* The movie had released within the country with 1,400 prints. Reliance BIG Pictures had released 213 prints overseas in order to have maximum revenue in initial weeks of curiosity.

* Ghajini is written and directed by AR Murugadass who also directed the Tamil remake of Memento. Asin, who starred in the Tamil movie, is part of the Hindi version along with actress Jiah Khan.


* “I think at a time when big opening weekends have become essential for the films' financial success, one needs to create urgency in people to see the film in the first couple of weeks. Our marketing strategies are focused on creating this urgency." - Madhu Mantena, Producer, Ghajini, in December 2008

* "Bollywood publicists are clearly putting a whole lot of thought into how to spread the word of mouth. We are seeing more and more meaningful promotional campaigns that not just spread the word about the films but also attempting to give the film a longer shelf-life and emotional connect with audiences." - A Trade Observer, commenting on the promotional strategies of Ghajini, in December 2008


1) The Look (Online & Offline):
Think Ghajini, Think Aamir khan’s new and conspicuous hair cut and all those tattoos. That hair cut is the latest rage in country. Huge and never thought of before efforts have been made to imprint his hairdo into audience’s mind. Online Tactics:

a) Aamir’s blog carries a full screen sized picture as on the film posters.

b) Two of the three websites related to the film also have a big bare chested picture of his on their homepage to reaffirm the associations ( and

Offline Tactics:
1) First and Foremost Aamir Khan sported the hair cut throughout the movie release

2) Aamir and his producers tied up with leading multiplexes (PVR, BIG, Cinemax) Across the country to give all the ushers, ticket-sellers the distinctive “Buzz-cut” that Aamir sports in the film.

3) Aamir personally gave the ‘buzz cut’ — the hairstyle the actor sports in Ghajini to his fans in Delhi

2) Getting fans Involved (Online):
Aamir & co have got another important bit right i.e. “Interactive promotion”. Rather than doing one way communication/broadcast through the film site or simply sharing content they’ve involved his fans in the film’s promotion.

wallofsuspects: A supporting viral website for the film aims to replicate a similar concept from the film. To check out the wallofsuspects one needs to have a code which can be obtained by uploading you or your friend’s images. One can also provide their mobile number which can be used to intimate if they win some prize.

findghajini : Another viral website built around the film. It’s a viral gaming application where the users can play the role of Aamir’s character in the film and try to find Ghajini through the clues provided.

3D PC Games: 25th Dec will see the release of the film and also India’s first 3D PC Game built around a movie. This is the first time there will be a complete game built around a movie. Lots of people are looking forward to it; let’s see how this one goes.

3) Getting Media Involved (Online):
Now that he’s got his fans involved what’s left? Yes, the Media. Aamir & co...
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