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Nestle Nesvita
Nestle is one of many well known food and beverage company for over century. It started in 1989 since then spread throughout the world until today include Nestle Nesvita which is a nuitrition product. This essay will talk about how Nestle Nesvita product make a good business in Vietnam include macro and micro environment, SWOT and marketing strategies. Situation Analysis

Vietnam is a traditional country where agriculture’s resources are rich and cheapable. It is a good palce for Nestle Nesvita Company to cooperate with. Moreover, the culture of Vietnam is suitable with the product because Vietnamese people are used to gift each other nutrition products such as Nesvita for elders or family with babies. Vietnam is an opening and developing country and it becomes more and more westernize so that it is a good choice for the Company to invest its product in Vietnam. Microenvironment

According to Nestle (2006), Nestle invests approximately CHF 1.5 billion in R&D annually, it is higher than other food organization in sale rate and other terms. Nestle also try to approach hi-tech to produce high quality food with good taste and high nutrition benefits. However, Nestle never stop innovate and always innovate new products that have more nutrition and higher level of taste to satisfy their customers. Nestle have 500 factories in over 80 countries in all around the world and have their own laboratories to evaluate raw materials from suppliers and ingredients. In fact, Nestle Research Center in Lausanne will examine materials that provide nutrition, safety and other characteristic that will satisfy the consumers. Nestle (2006) states that “Nestle is a Swiss company and Nestle will provide the best service for not only the share-holders but also for the society with their hard-working, reliable and effective.” Nestle have a long term exists within 100 years with experience employees and multi-cultural nature of the company. Nestle is using Corporate Business Principle which is recognize by Harvard that Corporate Business Principle will bring advantages for the organization and the society(Nestle 2006). Nestle sales increase slightly in almost countries between 0.1% to 10% conclude Italy, Spain, Canada and Australia decrease slightly. China is improve significantly when reach a peak of 91.4% in 2012 (Financial Annual Report 2012). It also showed that the business is running fluently when the earning moneys raise slightly between 2011 and 2012 is about CHF 0,36 mil from CHF 2,97 mil to CHF 3,33 mil. Nestle have 250000 shareholders from many countries. For example, Swiss hold the major part with 35,34% , US (26,57%), British ( 5,71%) and so on. Suppliers:

According to Nestle (2006), Nestle corporate with many countries that will provide raw materials for Nestle such as Indonesia, Thailand, China, Mongolia, Columbia, etc. These countries will provide agriculture products to Nestle and using technologies, human resources that Nestle support for the farmers to improve their products quality. For instance, “coffee farmers in the Yunan Province of China are improving yields and quality as a direct result of our advisors’ expertise, as are farmers in Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand”. Nestle organize also require suppliers have to meet their standard with strict regulations to deserve and suitable to corporate with their company most. Competitors:

Nestle have about 100 years old experience and have many sub-company in others regions with long term understanding and learning people’s demand, cultural , religion , origin and so on. It is lead to Nestle have more advantages than others food company. It is lead to Nestle products have experience with better taste and better nutritional than other competitors. Nestle also have a solid brand with the high level of trust from their consumers. Therefore, Nestle is ruling food production industry. For example, Nestle sell more than 1...
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