O. J. Simpson

O.J Simpson, nicknamed the “Juice”, was a man who was inducted to the Pro Football hall of fame. He played most of his career in Buffalo with the Bills and holds many records and made a name for himself the National Football League. After his renowned football career, O.J. embarked on an extensive film career playing roles in TV shows like Roots. He was known for being a famous sports icon, but broadened his fan demographic. February 2, 1985, O.J. Simpson married Nicole Brown. They were married for 7 years until their divorce in 1992. Nicole Brown was found murdered in 1994. The primary suspect was her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson. O.J. Simpson was tried for two counts of murder, of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. It was a belief of the majority of the American population that O.J. Simpson murdered his wife and her friend, but he was proven not guilty. Although O.J. was proven not guilty, in the minds of many Americans, O.J Simpson murdered his wife. My caption of the O.J. Simpson picture is “Would you let him marry your daughter?” because of this very topic. I chose this caption because he murdered his ex-wife. Everyone knows about O.J Simpson and his troubling personal life, which makes it very difficult for anyone to find him credible. Most parents would not trust O.J. Simpson in marrying their daughter because he killed his former wife. He has many characteristics that fail him in being a good person which are murder, lying, and theft later in his life. O.J Simpson failed to represent himself in a good manner. Unless a parent would like their daughter to be murdered, then O.J Simpson would not be a good spouse for their daughter. These are the reasons why I chose the caption, “Would you let him marry your daughter?”
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