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I. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom
Albom wrote the plot very straightforward with little ambiguity and complicated historical references. He has a tendency to include flashbacks to his college years from when he was a student of Morrie’s; he does this to give background on his once, slightly naïve and less materialistic self, so the readers have a clear conception of the person he has become in the following sixteen years. He also does this to emphasize Morrie’s loving and compassionate values that he has always tried to express through his teachings. Mitch feels so thankful to have had Morrie in his life; for he has helped bring value and purpose into Mitch’s life. Through the plot Mitch wishes to express how Morrie has changed his life, through these Tuesday lessons; also, Morrie wishes to express his teachings and values to the world and he was able to do that through Mitch and this novel. The climax in this story does not happen until the last Tuesday Mitch and Morrie spend together. Throughout the novel and for the entire time Morrie has known Mitch, he has been trying to get him to open up and express more emotion. When they meet again, towards the beginning of the novel, Morrie tells Mitch that he is still going to try and make him cry. After all these years, during their last visit Mitch hugged Morrie for what will be the last time and began to cry. From here on the action begins to fall as we can predict the outcome will be Morrie’s death.

I can conclude some important themes in the story;
A)“Love each other or die” 
Morrie stresses this quote and theme throughout the novel. He feels that an abundance of love and compassion is the highest sense of fulfillment that one can experience. The expression of love and compassion is very important to Morrie, especially since he lacked such expression in his childhood. With the early death of his mother, and his busy father, Morrie did...

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