Sculpture and Donatello

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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Renaissance Artist Outline Template
I. Introduction with Thesis Statement
A. Hook: Donatello was by far; the most famous and greatest sculptor of the early Renaissance, creating many great works of art. B. Major Achievements: Adorned the Orsanmichele guild in Florence, Italy and made many other famous sculptures such as “David”. C. Major Contributions: Influenced many artists well into the 1600’s and his methods are still used today! D. Thesis Statement that Answers the Essential Question: Donatello, one of the greatest Italian sculptors to ever lived, did so during the times of the renaissance, he used incredible detail and realism with his numerous famous sculptures in Italy and Florence.

II. Background
A. Birth
1. Date: 1386 most likely.
2. Place: Florence, Italy
B. Early Life
1. Family information/influence
a. Mother: Not known as was very little of Donatello’s early life. b. Father: Niccolo Di Betto Bardi. c. Siblings: Not known.

2. Childhood Education
a. Formal schooling: The Martelli family. b. Other early education experiences: received early training in a goldsmith shop as well as with the great sculptor; Lorenzo Ghiberti.

III. Training
A. Teachers
1. Name: Lorenzo Ghiberti
2. Reputation/skills: one of the all time greats in Italian sculptors. B. Apprenticeship
1. Where: Florence, goldsmith shop.
2. When:
3. Outcome: A lot of experience in molding and making hard material into sculptures and jewelry. C. First known work: marble statue of David.
1. Where: Florence, Italy.
2. When: 1408-1409.
3. Description: A marble statue of David from David and Goliath. This sculptor is depicting David looking into the beyond with long robes and one leg uncovered. He has one hand on his...
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