Sculpting the Earth’s Surface Paper

Topics: Water, Water pollution, Groundwater Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Sculpting the Earth’s Surface Paper

Sculpting the Earth’s Surface Paper
GLG 101

The Ganges River Basin, along with its tributaries travel amongst three different countries. One of these includes the southern region of Bangladesh. The main source of freshwater in Bangladesh comes from the Ganges River.  Water and soil pollution is now one of the major problems occurring in Bangladesh and the Ganges River Basin. It has been an ongoing problem for many years so it is not like it is anything new but it is something that can be changed and resolved.  Bangladesh is faced with the issue of both surface water depletion and groundwater depletion. In Dhaka city, troops had to watch water pumps to limit the use of water. (2010)   Natural disasters happen there and those are visible but groundwater pollution is invisible. This is why Groundwater Depletion is called an Invisible Hazard and because of groundwater pollution and depletion, Bangladesh’s inhabitants have to rely on surface water.

Arsenic toxicity in Bangladesh has caused severe cases of sickness in children and adults in the groundwater. This is why the people of Bangladesh must rely on the surface water but the surface water is not much better than the groundwater because it is being affected by pollution as well. Disorders have even included things like chronic arsenicosis, loss of strength, anemia, and vision difficulties. Even weight loss has been a problem. This comes from the fact that they have very little food and basically no money to buy any for themselves or their families. The pollution and depletion of the river is harsher near the urban parts of Bangladesh. It’s mainly because of the urban activities. These include The Bagmati River, The Yamuna River and some of the other rivers. It's also because this city does not have pollution control as a whole that they need so that the pollution in the area may decrease and can be maintained. It has been found that there has...
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