Script Part; Scene 4 - Conflict Arouses

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Scene 4: Conflict
Act 4:
Setting: Classroom
Characters: Lorraine, James, Esmeralda, Classmates, Teacher

Lorraine - Narration: My conflict with my friends left me unwanted, all alone. But still at least I have James who really cares for me. No one will ever break us apart.

Note: Esmeralda should be near James
(Teacher Enters)
Teacher: Good morning Class!
Classmates: Good morning Teacher! *class sits down*
Teacher: So, you have a new classmate who just transfered here from Paco Catholic School. *Esmeralda (transfer student) stands up and goes to the front* Esmeralda: Good morning, fellow classmates. My name is Esmeralda Salvacion, I studied at Paco Catholic and I'm 14 years old. *Goes back to her seat and sits down* Teacher: So Esmeralda, we are happy to welcome you here in St. Anthony School. I hope you become a part of this family. So let's get back to the discussion, Esmeralda do you know what are the parts of the brain?

Esmeralda: *stands* No Ma’am, please elaborate..
(Teacher discusses..)
James: Hey, I am James. *smiles*
Esmeralda: Oh hey! I'm Esmeralda.
James: So, you are new here, huh? Want me to tour you around the school? Esmeralda: Um...
Teacher: *shouts* Mr. James ___ and Ms. Salvacion!
Classmates: Yieee ... *Esmeralda blushes*
(Lights off – on)

Act 4:
Setting: Within the school
Characters: Lorraine, James
Lorraine - Narration: When that Esmeralda came to our life, James and I have been growing apart. They have been spending a lot of time together. They laughed and talked to each other and I heard some rumors that James and Esmeralda kissed. Can’t believe it!

Lorraine: We need to talk.
James: About what babe?
Lorraine: About our relationship..
James: What about it?
Lorraine: That girl you always talk to class..
James: Esmeralda?
Lorraine: They say that you and Esmeralda kissed. *James bows his head down.* Lorraine: Is it true?
James: *Avoids looking to Lorraine.* Um.....
Lorraine: Why can't you look at me and...
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