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Topics: José Rizal, Katipunan, Andrés Bonifacio Pages: 9 (2903 words) Published: August 8, 2013
Ultimo’s Dias de Rizal
Rizal’s Last Days

Setting: 19th Century Philippines
Host/ Narrator-
Josephine Bracken
Teodora Alonso
Various Judge-
Attorney-(on a terrace in Fort San Pedro)
Gob. General-
Traviel andrada

Host: Jose Rizal. When we hear the name Jose Rizal, we can automatically think of that person shot in Bagumbayan now called Luneta Park or the man on the one peso coin. Maybe some knew him well and maybe some have forgotten him. What did he really do to our country and why was he killed? Join me as together we reawaken the past and witness the last days of Jose Protasio Mercado Rizal y Alonso Realonda.Trailer-like video of the whole documentary Then shows the title of the documentary

Scene 1 :kundiman music playing in the background. Rizal is facing the ship ready to board but (Ship horns) Rizal then looked to his right (facial expression is focused) somewhat hearing someone shouting his name. (Camera sweeps towards to the horizon moving to the right. Fades then next scene.)

Scene 2 :( in the katipunan, rizal’s pic on a table, bayan ko instrumental playing in background) Bonifacio:Lalaban tayo sa mga Kastila! Hindi na tayo magpapaapi! Kalayaan para sa Pilipinas! Katipuneros: Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Bonifacio: Mabuhay si Jose Rizal
Katipuneros: Mabuhay! (2 videos are chroma to each other, the Katipunan and Rizal on board the ship) Commentary:
As you can see, Rizal was slightly anxious in the film even though he had the chance to get out of Dapitan , there is still that fear for what may happen next. He missed the regular steamer Isla de Luzon, which sailed to Spain the day before he arrived in Manila bay. While waiting for the next ship for Spain, he was kept as a guest on board the Spanish cruiser Castilla. Meanwhile, Andres bonifacio and the katipunan raised the cry of revolution in the hills of balintawak, a few miles north of manila. Rizal worried about the raging hostilities and left for Spain on the steamer Isla de Panay on September 3, 1896.But calm as a sheep, Rizal didn’t know what peril befall upon him. One of the greatest mistakes of Rizal was to believe that Governor General Blanco was a man of honor because he allowed him to go as a free man to Spain to become a physician of the Spanish army in Cuba. The truth of the matter was that Blanco was his foe, who regarded him as a dangerous Filipino who was responsible for the raging Philippine revolution and therefore plotted his doom.

Scene 3: Rizal was aboard the ship when the guards arrested him and deported back to Manila and sent to Fort Santiago. Narrator: He was given a list of first and second lieutenants to choose his counsel. He chose the name that seems to be familiar to him, that of Lieutenant Luis Traviel de Andrada who happened to be the brother of Lieutenant Jose Traviel de Andrada, the officer once assigned to him when he was under surveillance during his brief sojourn in Calamba after his return from Europe. Lit. Traviel de Andrada: Señor Rizal Im willing to defend you in court. My brother told many things about you that convinced me to help to. Rizal: thank you. I’m Very glad that you accept to defend me. (Shake hands)

Scene 3A: the Governor general and the friar was arguing.
Friar: Nonononoo. While Rizal is alive there will be no more space for this island. Gob. General: Rizal was exile in Dapitan.
Friar: He is to away to be of any harm. He instigated his revolution. It’s your duty to eliminate him. Gob. General: don’t tell me how to do my job!
Friar: well then, you better do you job or be out of here.
(gob. General went to Rizal’s Cell)
Gob. General: Dr. Rizal Excuse my sudden visit.
Rizal: Iunderstand Gob. General. Spanish officials get me sick but I can’t cure myself. Gob. General: It’s true you fear no one, thus you have many enemies. Rizal: Im an ophthalmologist, all I want to my fellow Filipinos is to see. Gob. General: is it...
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