Script for La Speech on Misuse of the Social Network

Topics: Sociology, Internet, Social network Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 21, 2012
Good Afternoon Miss Chee and fellow friends. I am Natalie and the social issue that I will be sharing on today, will be the Misuse of the Social Network. I am sure we all use some form of social networks in our daily lives, which includes the use of blogs, our beloved Facebook, twitter, tumblr and so much more. However, some of us take these privileges for granted and hence, misusing them. Now, what is considered to be misusing of social networks? The following slide will show us a few examples: CLICK.

As you can see, spamming, cyberbullying, viewing of pornography sites on the Internet and hacking of other’s accounts are some of the misuses of the social network. CLICK.
Spamming. I am sure most of us are familiar with this, am I right? Well, I am sure too that a few of us may be victims of this, or may even be the person who starts the spamming. What is spamming? It is basically the term used to flood one’s inbox unnecessarily. From this picture, we can see that this person was shocked to find that he had so many page suggestions, which in this case was suggested by his Facebook friends. It is an obvious fact that this person will not like all the pages suggested right? And if this poor guy was to decline all these page suggestions, he will take a long time to do so. CLICK.

This two pictures show one’s inbox being flooded with unnecessary stuff. As you can see from the first picture, someone’s email inbox has attracted a whooping number of 254 spam messages, hard to believe I must say, but this goes to show the extend one will go to spam a person’s inbox. The second picture shows a girl continuously spamming this guy’s Facebook wall. This particular girl actually spammed and posted lots of irrelevant messages on this person’s wall, and i am sad to say that this guy’s iPhone or computer might get hanged while trying to load messages on Facebook. CLICK.

Now moving on to Cyber Bullying.
In my opinion, cyber bullying is no worse than bullying someone...
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