Script Essay

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September 25,2010
Script Essay
In the script Barbershop, the character, Calvin is the owner of the family barbershop business. Calvin is in Chicago, IL. Calvin is married. His wife and him are expecting a child. Calvin is trying to make it. Calvin is having a hard time maintaining the finances for the Barbershop. Calvin decides to sell the barbershop to a loan shark named, Lester Wallace.

I,describe ,Calvin as a determined person. Calvin seems to be dealing with the importance of family legacy and economic changes. I am able to view the movie from the point of the character or the narrative. Calvin has a change in his mind with selling the business from Lester Calvin's original goals was to sell the business to Lester Wallace. His second goal was to get his barbershop back from Lester Wallace. The writer demonstrated different obstacles for the protagonist to succeed in his goal. For the first goal the writer demonstrated obstacles for the protagonist to succeed in his goal by the following. Jennifer, the main character wife, talks to Calvin about how the family left the business for him to run and to pass it down in family tradition. The writer demonstrates obstacles by the following scenario. Mr. Lester Wallace wants him to pay 40,000 to re buy the shop when he only borrowed 20,000 originally.

The script is different than other cinema principles because it doesn't have the roles of bad and good. In this movie there really isn't a bag and good guy character. There wasn't anyone trying to defend someone. The script is different because it doesn't have the scenario of a man or woman in the traditional roles. In this script there is characters that have a job and the women are not characterized as the traditional older roles of women. Terri is a beautician that works in the barbershop. Her character portrays to be rough and uses fowl language. This is not the traditional role of females in movies. It is the same as older cinemas because most...
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