Script Draft for High School Skit: Snow White Theme

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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2-3 minute skit draft.
Snow White
7 dwarves – Happy
Evil Queen (cheerleader from the opposing team)
Prince Charming

Evil Queen: (looking in mirror, grooming) (mirror box with a hole) Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who’s the smartest of them all? (Colors flash, then Snow white’s face appears on mirror) Oh! No, no, no! That just won’t do! (recovers mirror) (black out)

Evil Queen: (sitting in front of Snow White’s Mac) Now Snow White will never finish her homework! She won’t even be able to go the football game to cheer on Prince Charming, and Grant will surely beat Bolton! (black out, spotlight on queen) MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (exits stage)

Snow White: (enters stage) Now, I just need to finish up this essay. (starts typing on her computer) Snow White: Oh, no! My computer completely crashed…What? A *opposing team’s mascot*-virus?! (EVIL MUSIC) If I don’t get this essay in to by midnight, I won’t get an A and I’ll be grounded from the Homecoming football game! (7 dwarves enter, hi ho music) Doc: Dwarf Support is here!

Snow White: Dwarf Support?
Sneezy: *sneezes* yes, we will fix your *sneezes* computer in no time! Snow White: Will I be able to make it to the game, now?
Grumpy: Probably not…
Happy: *smiling* Oh, stop that! Yes she will!
Sleepy: *yawn* I’m going to pass out any minute now *yawn*…let’s just fix her computer already. *the other dwarves work on Snow White’s computer while Bashful is flirting with Snow White* Bashful (to Snow White): *hesitantly puts his arm around her* So, uh what are you doing later? *appears nervous, looks down, bites his nails* Snow white: Hopefully, going to the game! If I can finally finish that essay! Dopey: *quietly* Oh, uh, we’re done

Snow White: Thank you so much! *goes over to her mac and begins working* Seven Dwarves in unison: Bye! (Exit stage, hi ho music)

Prince Charming: Snow White, you made it!
Snow White: Yea! I finished...
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