Script Analysis of Death of a Salesman

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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Karen Miller
Intro. Theatre 1122
Inst. Valeria Rios Giermakowski

Script Analysis Paper: Death of a Salesman

This play Death of a Salesman is based in the early twentieth century and takes place in New York City/Brooklyn with some brief parts in Boston. Throughout the play it seems that the economy is in hardship. Good jobs were few and far between. Arthur Miller’s play is a collection of memories displayed in a montage from the life of salesman Willy Loman. As each memory unfolds it is apparent that Willy Loman has made poor choices and has had difficulty accepting them as well as finding a strong identity for himself. This is reflected onto his wife Linda and sons Biff and Happy. Willy’s professional life is also greatly affected. Willy has a tough time with change and it comes across when he continually fabricates reality to his family and one friend. Miller portrays order versus chaos along with the perception that these characters lives can be dramatically altered and defined by a single event. Following Willy Loman throughout the play it is revealed that he, in present time, has a diminished mental state as he jumps from present day to flash backs, memories and dreams along with having conversations with his brother who is not really there. Miller definitely made his characters relatable to people. These typified characters have reflective properties that allow the audience to compare it to their own troubles in life because of the overwhelming feelings felt throughout the play. Miller uses his characters to display strong life changes like emotions, controversy, depression, regret and feelings of failure. All of these characteristics can correlate to every type of audience and it is easy to allow yourself to be flooded with sympathetic and empathetic mind-set for each character and having reflective thoughts throughout the play. Willy Loman is the play but each character has highly typified qualities. All the...
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