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  • Published : June 26, 2012
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Script Analysis: Frog Loves Christy by Ann Wuehler

1- This takes place in alley somewhere in Springfield, Oregon. Clean, with not that much trash. 2- The time is now.
3- It is on a Sunday morning.
4- Before the scene started, Frog is sitting on a bench in the alley, impatiently waiting for Christy to arrive. Christy is walking towards the alley, while rehearsing her break-up lines. 5- Christy and Frog are estranged siblings (on bad terms) and forbidden lovers. Christy is in love with Frog. She also disapproves his way of living. She condemns his sex change. She feels guilty for having feelings for him. I think she is also confused about her own sexuality, she does not know if she should refer to him as a boy or a girl. 6- Christy and Frog are half- siblings. Originally sisters. Penelope underwent a sex/gender change and is now Frog. They have the same dad. They had a difficult childhood. The gender identity issue of Frog caused the family to fall apart. They also kissed once. Christy regrets it. Frog knows Christy has feeling for him and has been trying to convince her to start a relationship with him. 7- At the beginning of the scene, Christy wants to get rid of him, to repel him . 8- In the middle of the scene, she wants to get through to him, convince him that nothing will ever happen between the two of them. 9- At the end of the scene, Christy wants to escape, run from him because she realizes that she is no longer sure that nothing will happen between them if she stays. 10- Christy is a good girl. She has principles, values and integrity. She is probably a Christian. She has good morals and believes in doing the “right thing”. 11- I plan to memorize for the lines and read chapter 7 in order to prepare for next class.
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