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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Roleplay-english for communication II

Scene 1
Situation : have a five friend from different university have meet in the cafe. Each of them have come from UUM, UKM, UM, UMT, and UPM. They have meet in one cafe to discuss where they want to go to for their holiday trip.

Zaty : how about our holiday trip?now is a time for semester break so, lets go for holiday together. Wan : i think i want to go holiday in Indonesia. This is because i really like to go there. Moreover, the cost for shopping also is very cheap. Syue : so, anyone have another suggestion for our holiday trip? Nadia : i agree with wan.

Zakiah : ala...i want to go to Singapore. We can snap many foto in there and also in Singapore have a Universal Studio. We can enjoy it at there. Wan : just lets go to Indonesia. I already seen the Air Asia have do a ticket promotion who want to go to Indonesia and it is very cheap than the ticket to Singapore. Zakiah : hmm, ok then. I follow you guys.

Suddenly, the news about weather forecast come out in television about earthquake will happen in Indonesia.

Zaty : so, how? Did we still want to go there?
Wan : just go on with our plan. Anyways, this is a time for promotion ticket and this is our chance to go holiday trip together. Nadia : it is true. That only the weather forecast and we don’t know if it will be happen or not. I agree with wan. Syue : hmm,ok. Let’s do to Indonesia for our holiday trip together. Zakiah : ok. I will booked the ticket.

Scene 2
Situation : they already arrive in Indonesia after their conversation last week. Now they already in Indonesia airport. Zaty : finally we already reach in Jakarta. I very excited to hang out in here. Zakiah : let’s go for check-in first. Then, we can start to hang out in here.

At the hotel reception.
Nadia : welcome to Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Can I help you miss? Syue : I want to booked one family room for five people.
Nadia : ok, please wait for a while. Ok, miss here is the key for your room....
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